Announcing The Spatials: Galactology

The Spatials are back with Galactology! Design, build and protect your space station from the many enemies you will make while exploring the galaxy and exploding their homeworlds.

Galactology is The Spatials reimagined as a more complex simulation game, implementing many requested features. Active pause, mod support, a true world simulation with many more variables and complex AI. A new focus on the station sim, with deeper gameplay systems behind every object and room. In-station combat, invaders, diseases, health care, logistics, spaceships you can control... The list of new features is long and growing every week!

The Spatials: Galactology will be released on Steam on 7th July 2016, and it will be free for everybody who has purchased The Spatials on Steam on or before July 5.

Quick FAQ

Q: Why a new game? Why not a simple update or some DLC?
A: The game has changed and expanded so much that it feels like a new game. We also wanted the freedom to implement new features and change content, which meant going back to Early Access. Clearly that's not possible with a game that’s already been released on the market. The only reasonable option was to make a brand new game. This allows current players to continue playing and enjoying The Spatials, and we can give them a free copy of the new game!

Q: Why make the game free for The Spatials V2 customers? Do you hate money?
A: We like money! But something we like even more is having our players be happy and not feel screwed over. We started Galactology as The Spatials V3 nine months ago. We envisioned it as a free update and communicated it as such. But, as time passed, the scope and feature set of the new version kept growing, and it was clear it would require much more effort than we originally imagined (on top of breaking saves and changing too many things). We realized that being able to gift a new standalone game to current users was the right thing to do!

Q: How is the gifting going to work?
A: Around release day, every Steam user that has purchased The Spatials, or has activated a Steam code for The Spatials, on or before July 5, will automatically get The Spatials: Galactology added to their Steam Library. This process is manual and it requires the help of a Valve employee, so I cannot give an exact date on when it will be completed.

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