Devlog for v2.3, updated roadmap

Version 2.3 progress

Work advances steadily for version 2.3. The main goals is finishing remaining the game systems, specially in the space station and in the officers AI/gameplay.

Managing a mid to late game space station can be complicated. For this reason we are adding some new features to make tracking of production and consumption easier. The first is a graph report screen that shows the evolution of visitors, stocks and credits over time:

We are also adding icons to every planet, system and sector, indicating which resources are available and being extracted. This will make much easier to decide which planets need to be conquered and where to find more sources of certain resources.

We've also rebalanced the resource spawns so it should be easier to find resources which in v2.2 are too rare.

A goal of v2.3 is to make the officer management deeper and more interesting. One of the steps to accomplish that is object ownership. A new option to assign an officer will be made available for many of the objects you can build in the space station. Once you assign an officer to an object only that officer will be allowed to make use of it. And when they need to find a new work task, they will always give priority to those tasks belonging to the objects they own. This allows to optimize labor by, for example, making some factories exclusive to experienced officers. Or to reward them with exclusive private rooms.

"Experienced officers"? Yes! We are introducing level progression for officers. They will be able to earn experience by working in the station or by killing enemies while exploring planets. Each level will award a random bonus to the officer, both to their combat stats and to their work efficiency, and sometimes will also make the officer tastes and needs more sophisticated. Higher level officers will have large bonuses over level 1 officers, completing work in half of the time or doing double damage in combat, but will also have a wider variety of vitals and cravings to satisfy.

Roadmap for 2.3

We have also updated our roadmap with the remaining items we have planed for v2.3, check it out.

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