Final devlog for v2.3

Version 2.3 alpha is nearing completion! Here's what we have been developing in the last few weeks:

Vital system for officers

Along with the previous unveiled leveling progression system for officers we have now implemented the vital system. Previously only available for visitors, now officers will also have cravings and vitals to fulfill. Make sure to provide them with what they need. More experienced officers will gain more vitals and cravings, so there's always a compromise between experienced but needy officers, or fresh recruits that are content with nothing more than a nondescript bed in the barracks. If they get too low in their vitals they may get sick and if you neglect them for too long they will leave your space station, to never be seen again.

Difficulty levels in missions

Two new difficulty levels are being added to missions, above the current one. If you beat a planet in a higher difficulty setting the gathered resources are multiplied, forever. Plus higher difficulties have a chances to drop very high quality items.

Research points

Research nodes are now unlocked using a new kind of currency, research points. A research point is gained every time you beat a planet mission for the first time. More advanced technologies require more research points to unlock.

Random bounties

Planets outside the 30 campaign missions now feature a random bounty, centered on enemy slaughter. They use the same graphical resources and content generators as the campaign. Try your combat prowess! Bounties also award guaranteed but random high quality items, and include a guaranteed high quality boss as part of their objectives for even more loot.

Remaining work

We are still finishing the scripted campaign missions to have them all ready for 2.3. We also want to revamp the colony shops since now the bounties will grant plenty of items. The idea is to make the shops a place for swapping finished goods with highly wanted resources, but we still have to decide if it will go into 2.3. And the collectible system (for the museum and the garden) still needs to be integrated so you can find new unique objects all over the galaxy. Both of these features might be moved to 2.4, since the 2.3 cycle is taking a bit too long.

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