New versions, Early Access

Version 2.0 and Early Access

The current plan is to start building The Spatials for PC and Mac in a few weeks. Although the game is already playable in these platforms it still needs some work to feel really native, like proper mouse and keyboard support. We will first concentrate on these technical aspects and then we will start working in adding new content and mechanics. This new development will eventually lead to version 2.0.

The goal of 2.0 is to fully realize our vision for the game. Here are some of the new features and content we are considering:

We don't want to say much more for now about our plans, but believe me, the best is yet to come!

We also want to develop 2.0 in the open. For this reason we are considering options to have an Early Access system so players can test our early builds, get the game for a reduced price, and support our work at the same time. By the way, vote for us in Steam Greenlight!

Version 1.0.2 for the iPad

We almost finished version 1.0.2 for the iPad! Many small improvements and changes are coming. Here's a selection of the most visible ones.

Improved colony shops

The colony shops now sell a larger variety of items with different qualities, with a range of prices.

Teleport skill

By popular demand fast travel is here! Scientists can now equip a Teleport skill. We like it so much that we are going to give you one for free when you start a new game, along with a scientist! Energy regen AND Teleport, now that's a way to start your game!

New hit circles for target reticle

The goal of the Strategist is to do high, concentrated damage. It is balanced by the fact they can only hit one enemy, and must hit on the enemy hit circle. Starting on 1.0.2 we are going to draw on the ground the hit circles of all the enemies in range of your attack. We also made the hit circles a bit off center to make them easier to spot.

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