Weird and Wry
Based in Barcelona, Spain.

Founding date

March 1, 2014


The Spatials
Weird and Wry

Press / Business contact

[email protected]




The Spatials (Steam)
The Spatials: Galactology (Steam)

About Weird and Wry

Weird and Wry is a Barcelona game development studio founded in 2014 by two brothers: Carlos and Max Carrasco. Carlos (a programmer) and Max (an artist) share a love for simulation games and classic play -- which heavily influenced The Spatials, their first project. Inspired by the great classic sim games of the '90s, The Spatials combined classic base-building gameplay (based on isometric tile room building) with a real-time combat system and an exploration campaign. The Spatials was released on Steam in March 2015 and took off! Thanks to its success and growing fan base, The Spatials spawned a sequel -- The Spatials: Galactology, which updates the original concept with deeper gameplay and a whole new take on the space station management business.

Video publication policy for Youtube / twitch / etc.

Weird and Wry S.L. gives permission to everyone who wants to make and publish free to watch gameplay videos of The Spatials and The Spatials: Galactology, including monetized videos by shared advertising revenue and similar systems. We appreciate a link to our home page and to our steam store page. Thank you!


A presskit is available for download here.


If you want to review our game in your publication or channel contact us at in[email protected].