Station roadmap for 2.0

The initial focus of 2.0 is the station sim

Version 1.0 lacks content and gameplay in the station segment. For this reason we want to start 2.0 by fixing this, and we are focusing on making the space station sim the star of the show.

New set of vital stats will drive station gameplay

The main and only stat for avatar gameplay in the station, Morale, is being replaced by a set of finer grained stats. These stats will influence how avatar AI interacts with the station. We haven't decided yet on what will be the final set of stats, but here are some we are considering:

Rooms, objects and resources

The new rooms and objects in the station for 2.0 are meant to satisfy the needs of one or more of the previous stats. They will be much more varied than the current ones, and you will find different rooms covering the same stat, or more than one at the same time. The new concept of objects that can be built everywhere, like the decorations in the current 2.0 alpha, will further allow for more station customization.

New resource chains will be introduced to service the new rooms. While some objects won't use resources to run, like the current bed, others will require new resources with their own manufacturing. Farming of resources while exploring planets will become more important, and we hope to make it more interesting in later alpha releases.


What's the use of a big station when all it houses is half a dozen officers? To fix this we are introducing visitors and market dynamics. Visitors will have simplified AI/needs system compared to your officers. They will land in your station and start roaming its rooms and corridors, wallet ready. We will have different stat templates for visitors, taken from the big pool mentioned earlier, probably depending on their civilization and the level of progression of your station. Build everything they want, and keep your shops and counters well stocked, and credits will flow into your account. Fail to satisfy their demands and maybe they won't come back so often, or they won't be willing to spend their credits very fast.

Tech progression tree

Right now the station tech progression is coupled with the combat campaign. We are going to decouple it partially by introducing a tech tree for station construction. Rooms and objects will be displayed in a tree-like structure and you will be able to allocate a new resource kind, found on planets while doing bounties, to different branches. If you spend enough resources in a branch its rooms and objects will be made available for construction.

We are already hard at work designing and implementing these new features. We hope we can share our work soon with our Early Access supporters! Consider buying the Early Access version of The Spatials and voting for us in Steam Greenlight if you like our work!

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